It’s called many things. Prepper, Post-Apocalyptic, Doomsday or Collapse fiction. It’s a growing genre with contributions from dozens of authors. Some good, some not so good. Here I’m going to introduce some of my personal favorites.

Chris Weatherman (A. American)

Chris created one of the most compelling prepper fiction series currently published. The Going Home series follows the main protagonist Morgan, his friends and family as they try to survive a nationwide power outage. One of the things I appreciate about this series is that it isn't as militaristic as a lot of books in the genre focusing more on character interaction and development and less on "battle scenes". While his writing style has been described as "meat and potatoes" I think it's a perfect fit for its intended audience and since you're here I believe you would enjoy it.

Series: The Survivalist


Joe Nobody

Joe Nobody and his Holding Their Own series both have a lot to offer to the prepper community. Joe is prolific, writing books and articles for popular preparedness blogs and being featured by survival and security podcasts. His series, Holding Their Own, of offers a lot of insight into pre-planning, security and having a location in mind if thing go south. I like that the main characters introduce some levity into their situation while working towards reestablishing a community and that the importance of trade goods is well covered. The Holding Their Own series if definitely a personal favorite.

Series: Holding Their Own, The Olympus Device & Secession

  • Holding Their Own: A Story of Survival
  • Holding Their Own II: The Independents
  • Holding Their Own III: Pedestals of Ash
  • Holding Their Own IV: The Ascent
  • Holding Their Own V: The Alpha Chronicles
  • Holding Their Own VI: Bishop's Song
  • Holding Their Own VII: Phoenix Star
  • Holding Their Own VIII: The Directives
  • Holding Their Own IX: The Salt War
  • Holding Their Own X: The Toymaker
  • Holding Their Own XI: Hearts and Minds
  • The Olympus Device: Book One
  • The Olympus Device: Book Two
  • The Olympus Device: Book Three
  • Secession: The Storm
  • Secession II: The Flood
  • Secession: III: The Surge
  • The Archangel Drones
  • Apocalypse Drift

G. Michael Hopf

The author of several post-apocalyptic series, G. Michael Hopf's books offer a military man's take not only on how to prepare but also on how to defend what you've stored. I would say that his religious and political opinions do shine through in his work but not to a glaring degree, so, if you can handle that his work is worth picking up.

Series: The New World, The Van Zandt Chronicles & The Perseid Collapse

  • The End: The New World Series book 1
  • The Long Road: The New World Series book 2
  • Sanctuary: The New World Series book 3
  • The Line of Departure: The New World Series book 4
  • Blood, Sweat & Tears: The New World Series book 5
  • The Razor's Edge: The New World Series book 6
  • Hope: A Going Home Novel (Co-Autored with A. American)
  • Nemesis: Inception (Kindle Only)
  • Grid Down: The Defiant Book 1 (Co-Authored with John W. Vance) - (Kindle Only)
  • Detachment: The Perseid Collapse Series
  • Exit: The Van Zandt Chronicles

James Wesley Rawles

I'm not one of those people that enjoy writing critical reviews, but let me start off by saying, James isn't one of my favorite authors. His political and religious beliefs are just too prominent in his writing for me to enjoy his works. While his work is informative, it suffers from the amount of gear and tactics descriptions and one dimensional characters. With all that being said, I still buy and read his books. His first book "Patriots" was one of the first collapse fiction books I bought and introduced me to the genre as a whole and while there are authors I prefer I still feel his work has a lot to offer.

Series: Survival in the Coming Collapse

  • Patriots
  • Survivors
  • Founders
  • Expatriates
  • Liberators

Bruce(Buckshot) Hemming

While not the most polished of writers, Bruce is a great storyteller, educator and outdoorsman. His descriptions of trapping during a survival situation is fascinating and got me interested in learning it myself. I like that he introduces unexpected obstacles and well thought out solutions outside of what you usually see in survival fiction. Pick up his first book and I'm confident you'll pick up the rest.

Series: Grid Down

  • Grid Down Reality Bites:
  • Perception of Reality
  • Perceptions of Reality: Volume 2 Part 2
  • Perceptions of Reality: Volume 2 Part 3
  • The New Reality

William R. Forstchen

I've been looking forward to this review. William R. Forstchen's first book, One Second After, is in my opinion the panicle of the current crop of prepper-fiction. A Professor of History and Faculty Fellow at Montreat Collage in North Carolina, his writing is far more polished than the average post-apocalyptic fiction and a real pleasure to read. His characters are well developed and approachable and his novels are total page turners. If you are recently interested in the prepper genre this is the first author I would suggest.

  • One second After
  • One Year After
  • The Final Day: A Novel (Kindle Only)
  • Pillar to the Sky (Kindle Only)


Ray Gorham

Series: Kyle Tait

  • 77 Days in September
  • Daunting Days of Winter


David C. Waldron

Series: Dark Grid

  • Dark Grid
  • Dark Road
  • Dark Coup


Jeremy Lock

Series: Society's Collapse

  • The Bug Out
  • A Long Road Ahead


David Crawford


  • Lights Out
  • Collision Course


James Howard Kunstler

Series: A World Made By Hand

  • World Made by Hand
  • The Witch of Hebron
  • The Harrows of Spring (Release Jult 5th, 2016)